Keeping an eye on your diet, exercise, weight management and knee symptoms

On this page, you will find osteoarthritis (OA)−related links, exercises, recipes, and resources to help you stay healthy and active. Try the OA-Healthy Recipes to find out how delicious it can be to eat healthfully while avoiding foods that cause inflammation. Start getting fit by trying the OA-Friendly Exercises.

Keep track of your diet, exercise, and weight with our simple and convenient weekly nutrition and exercise tracker.

Keep track of your diet, exercise, and weight with our simple and convenient Weekly Nutrition and Exercise Tracker. Keep tabs on your knee pain and other symptoms, too, by using the Knee Symptom Diary we’ve created to help you measure any symptom changes that may occur. Bring the diary to share and discuss with your doctor.

Please consult your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Remember, when you find something of interest here that you wish to email, click on the checkbox Checkbox Icon next to the link(s) and then click the Email My Favorites button to send an email to yourself or someone you know with OA knee pain.

    Weekly Nutrition Tracker and Exercise Tracker
  • Keep track of your progress with these simplified weekly forms.
    OA-Healthy Recipes
  • Say yes to delicious OA-Healthy Recipes and say goodbye to self-imposed joint inflammation.
    OA-Friendly Exercises
  • Perform your exercises safely and properly with these clear instructions.
    Knee Symptom Diary
  • Print out a clean page each week and fill in your symptom levels over time to see the changes that your efforts may be bringing about.
    Useful links for people with OA knee pain
    Websites Support groups/discussion forums (online)
  • MD Junction: Osteoarthritis Help to Relieve Pain (online discussions)
  • Healing Well: Online Discussions
  • Lee’s Healthy Cooking Classes and Recipes (online)
  • Teaching Food and Health With Lee Newlin (online)
  • Healthline: Foods to Avoid With Arthritis
  • Physicians Committee: Foods and Arthritis
  • Harvard Health Publications, Harvard Medical School
  • Exercise: Rx for Overcoming Osteoarthritis
    Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center
  • Yoga Poses for Arthritis Patients
    Arthritis Foundation
  • Tai-chi Exercise Videos
  • Exercising With OA
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