Know how you're doing and let your doctor know, too

During the time you are receiving therapy with EUFLEXXA and during the months afterward, you should keep track of any improvement or other changes in your pain and stiffness. Take special care to track your progress for activities that matter most to you.

We encourage you to track how you’re doing with your therapy and to track all the things you are doing to get and stay healthy. It is important for you to recognize what works and what doesn’t. This will allow you and your doctor to make informed decisions about your treatment and help you adjust your treatment plan, if necessary. Plus, it will provide motivation for you to stick with your healthy habits by eating right, exercising to build strength, and shedding unhealthy pounds (if weight loss is in your plan).

Another good reason to keep track of how you are doing is that it will help you and your doctor determine whether, after a first course of EUFLEXXA, a re-treatment course of EUFLEXXA will be right for you 6 months later.

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Whether you think you have OA of the knee or have already been diagnosed, there’s more to know.

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